Sustainable Aquaculture Leadership

Sixty South®’s pristine cold waters and remote location ensure we set a higher standard of healthy and sustainable aquaculture practices. Our salmon are as pure as the Antarctic waters they are raised in.

Never treated with antibiotics

Sixty South® is the first and only salmon from South America to receive “Never Treated with Antibiotics” third party certification. We select the strongest, best adapted salmon during breeding, focus on vaccines to prevent diseases, and grow our salmon in icy cold temperatures that inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites. Our holistic approach is recognized as one of the best within the industry.

no added hormones

Sixty South® salmon grow naturally without additives or unnatural hormones designed to accelerate their growth.

No antifouling chemicals

Allowing our pristine waters to flow freely and bring renewed oxygen into our farm is essential to maintaining a healthy salmon population. While it may be common for farms to use copper-based biocides to coat their nets, we completely eliminate all dangerous biocides. Instead, we take an intensive approach of cleaning and maintaining our nets by hand.

Environmentally conscious

Ensuring a clean healthy habitat is critical to our farming philosophy. Through advanced feeding technology, we ensure each salmon receives proper nutrition without overfeeding. In addition, by not using antibiotics, hormones, or antifouling chemicals, Sixty South® eliminates harmful runoff often associated with the salmon farming industry. Our environmentally conscious practices give a safer, cleaner more natural environment for our salmon and the local wildlife to enjoy.

Fish-In Fish-Out

Sixty South® successfully achieved a <1:1 fish-in fish-out ratio on wild fish population through the use of vegetable-based proteins as well as animal- based proteins and oils sourced from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries and delivering them using an efficient computer controlled feeding technology.

Sustainably certified

Sixty South® is proud to have achieved world-class sustainability certifications including Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), and Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP).

The rigorous ASC certification means our farms address the most pressing environmental and social impacts of aquaculture. We are able to supply ASC certified salmon year-round (in fresh and frozen forms).

Monterey Bay Aquarium Recognized

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® is an internationally respected program that recognizes and recommends seafood that is wild and farmed with less impact on the environment – giving consumers and businesses better choices for a healthy ocean. Sixty South® is proud to have achieved a “Good Alternative” rating, placing Sixty South® among a handful of elite producers worldwide. This ranking is a strong endorsement of our tireless commitment to raising salmon with high sustainability credentials and environmental integrity.

Fostering our community

As the largest local employer in the region, Sixty South® supports the people and community of Porvenir that make our high-quality, sustainable salmon possible. From investing in local programs for education, infrastructure, sports, recreation, social care, community action and technical trainings, to a subsidized housing construction program, we have pledged over $600,000 in our local community in support of their community well-being and prosperity.